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This book presents a systemic breakthrough on the limits of mainstream positive and negative thinking. It suggest we go a step beyond our polarized understanding of behavioral patterns, to perceive another totally neutral reality. Indeed, consider that patterns are just patterns. Whether they are perceived as useful or limiting, positive or negative, good or bad, is just a question of personal perception, attitude towards the other and existential choice._Indeed, coaches accompany their clients by helping them leverage their strengths, capitalize on their potentials, embrace their winning patterns, develop their successful strategies. _Therapy in general and Transactional Analysis in particular accompanies patients by helping them develop an awareness of their negative scripts, limiting life positions, constrained symbiotic relationships and manipulative political games.When we eliminate our value judgments on whatever process we observe, when we choose to perceive the neutral nature of all energy flows, then the true nature of fractal patterns emerge. This allows us to radically eliminate the polarized filters through which we perceive our day-to day interactions with ourselves and others: In this perspective, we can discover that: _That in fact, both our positive and negative interactions with others rest on similar structures, _That fundamentally, both our constructive and destructive relationships present identical interactive patterns, _That intrinsically, both our winning and losing strategies all enact identical, quite predictable processes.Such a systemic perspective can radically question the way managers and coaches can accompany personal, professional and organizations health, transitions, transformation, change management, personal development, career management, etc. Interactive patterns of energy are there to be enacted. In order to achieve our fundamental human purpose, we first need to know them well. Only this deep awareness of their fundamental forms will allow us to direct their potential to achieve the sustainable results far which humanity aspires.

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