Transformational Coaching: Shifting Mind...



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This book is designed to prepare you to become a leadership coach or to develop you as a leader who successfully incorporates coaching skills into your management skills repertoire for enhanced effectiveness.

Whether you are a coach or leader, the ability to deftly use coaching skills can impact many key areas. When prudently deployed and in conjunction with business-critical strategies and initiatives, coaching can be the most effective way to develop the full capacity of high-potential mid- to senior-level leaders to meet the emerging challenges of successfully doing business.

After all, the ultimate purpose of transformational coaching is to catalyze a mindset shift that helps the individual accomplish what they are capable of but have not yet achieved, or have not yet achieved to their fullest potential.

By the time you complete this book and its exercises, you will have:

  • Gained essential insight into what transformational coaching is and why it works
  • Practiced the fundamental skills of a transformational coach, from evocative questioning and active listening to articulating powerfully
  • Developed a clear understanding of the building blocks of any successful coaching engagement, including how to contract with the client, design purposeful goals, create a development plan, manage progress, provide accountability, and measure the efficacy of the engagement.

The acquisition of transformational coaching skills is a proven method to effectively leverage the latent talent within your organization, maximize productivity, increase engagement, and drive growth.

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