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The Five Coaching Conversations: A Research-Based Model for Maximizing People’s Performance and Potential offers a different way of thinking about coaching and defines a corresponding set of coaching skills that will help coaches in virtually any context to be as effective as possible, and to get the best possible results out of their people. If you are–– A senior decision maker or influencer within an organization who wants to implement an internal coaching practice focused on leadership development, with an emphasis on developing, supporting, and elevating human capital at all levels, A leader in the organizational context who would like to move beyond the theory and practice that dominate coaching in that context today and use new, research-based diagnostics and tools for coaching those you lead, or An external coach who works with leaders and/or others in the organizational context, and who would benefit from ideas that will enhance and help you expand your own coaching practice –– you will learn what the Five Coaching Conversations look and sound like, as well as how and when to use each approach in order to achieve the outcome of growing and developing the people you coach. The Five Coaching Conversation’s approach consists of five basic and relatively distinct types of coaching conversations: Explaining, Exploring, Encouraging, Empowering, and Elevating. It is based on quantitative research into what successful coaches actually do, and also on interviews with and experiences shared by leaders in various fields, including effective coaches who can point to a demonstrable track record of success when it comes to maximizing people’s performance –– whether at the individual, the team, and/or the organizational level.

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