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Maggie Jacobs is passionate about driving positive change and growth for individuals, teams, executives, and organizations. She has spent 10+ years working with C-suite executives, turning the seemingly impossible into reality. A survivor of trials and traumas, Maggie has developed a philosophy that strength and resilience can be found with open, honest, and authentic communication, solution-finding—and decisive action.Today, Maggie speaks, writes, trains, and advises individuals on achieving more and transcending the boundaries of their own perception.This isn’t a “How To” or “10 Steps to Success” handbook to take you superficially from zero to hero. It’s an inspiring guide to help you find your voice, stop playing small, and step into your greatness, both personally and professionally.“Inside each of us is a well of infinite fire waiting to be ignited. May you find that spark and surround yourself with those who fan your flames.” — Maggie Jacobs

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