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This Workbook has been designed to introduce you to the 7Cs and to give you – and your clients – a structure to capture your insights, reflections, learning and next steps to bring our "Humanity@Work". The 7C's are our 7 human capacities or qualities for CareCourageCuriosityCompassionConnectionCreativity and Contemplation for Working Wisely in turbulent times.

Each quality will be described and defined in greater detail, together with key inquiries to help bring each quality alive. The journey starts with embracing our own vulnerability and humanity.

Our work together is to explore how you can bring more of these qualities to life for yourself, your teams and your work. Journaling as you work through the 7 capacities is a very helpful way to capture your deeper reflections and inquiries. A reflective self-assessment map is provided at the end of this section to help you to identify the capacities and qualities which you would like to invite into your life.

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