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A mindful guide for playing your best game at work.

Two-thirds of working professionals are burned out. If you long for more meaning, purpose, and happiness at work and at home, it’s time to make a change.

In today’s uncertain and ever-changing world, the “new normal” for working professionals is overworked and stressed. Flexibility, resilience, and the ability to rapidly pivot business strategies are the new rules of the game. But maintaining life at that speed is a recipe for burnout – not a path to long-term fulfillment.

The good news: there is an easier way! One that ends the cycle of burnout and paves the way to a life of success and happiness. Certified leadership coach and mindfulness expert Mary Mosham has helped hundreds of top leaders worldwide to transform their careers and personal lives. 

In her book Mindful Career, Mary shares real-life stories, evidence-based strategies, and powerful tools to show you:

  • The real reasons you are exhausted
  • How to end the cycle of burnout and create a purposeful career
  • What top leaders do to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally resilient
  • The secret to leading with authenticity and building trusting relationships
  • How to achieve breakthrough results despite challenging times
  • The seven keys to unlock your greatest potential and amplify your impact

Don’t let stress, setbacks, or challenges hold you back any longer from living your dreams. Instead, discover an integrative and proven approach for building resilience and joyfully making your unique difference in the world. Visit www.marymosham.com.

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