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How can you develop an effective means for measuring return on investment (ROI) in coaching? With its two dedicated sections,Measuring the Success of Coaching discusses both the principles behind measuring ROI in coaching (including specific protocols for objectively measuring ROI in coaching programs), as well as delivering a broad array of pragmatic, applicable case studies from a range of organizations. Some of the specific topics covered in Measuring the Success of Coaching include:

  • a general introduction to the concepts behind return on investment, and how to calculate it
  • a discussion of the ROI Methodology™ and the ROI process model
  • suggestions for effectively planning your ROI evaluation program, data collection, data analysis, and reporting procedures
  • input and examples of how to improve the coaching process itself
  • an extensive selection of highly detailed, thoroughly researched case studies of organizations that have developed and implemented programs for measuring ROI in coaching, from a wide variety of industries, and including international companies.

Measuring the Success of Coaching offers a clear, complete, and detailed explanation and treatment of the principles behind return on investment in coaching. It provides a conceptual framework; workable suggestions for developing, implementing and maintaining programs for measuring ROI in coaching; and practical, germane case studies. Measuring the Success of Coaching is a comprehensive resource for trainers, coaches, managers, human resources (HR) personnel, and other professionals interested in or tasked with creating programs for measuring return on investment within organizations.

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