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"This important volume will be a valuable tool for leadership coaches and coach trainers who are shaping the next generation of leadership coaches." Dr. Damian Goldvarg, Past Global President, International Coach Federation.Today, at the beginning of the 2020’s, the need for effective leadership coaching is more urgent than ever. In response, this book offers a broad and multi-disciplinary overview of coaching in the twenty-first century, with contributions from 27 leading coaches and coach educators across North America, Europe and Asia. It is organized in 5 sections:• Part I offers an overview of the “ancestors” of coaching, whose theories and practices have informed coaching from its beginnings • Part II consists of five chapters including research, theories, and models that inform coaching with leaders and executives. • Part III includes four chapters focused on a variety of theories, research, and techniques that enable transformational change with coaching clients.• Part IV includes four chapters focused on coaching in an organizational or group context. • Part V includes three chapters covering research and applied theory for educating and developing professional coaches.The book is particularly valuable for:• Practicing coaches, who will appreciate innovations in both coaching theory and practice of immediate relevance for their clients;• Researchers, who will value new case studies using qualitative and quantitative methodologies in multiple coaching contexts;• Coach educators, who will find fresh perspectives and new materials to include in their training programs; and• Coaching students, who will gain a deeper appreciation of the theories underpinning evidence-based coaching.Praise for "Innovations in Leadership Coaching":"Organizations are increasingly turning to professionally trained coaches for leader development as they seek to build coaching cultures to develop human capital at every level. The growth of leadership coaching demands a strong theoretical foundation and relevant scholarship to guide practitioners. This important volume will be a valuable tool for leadership coaches and the coach trainers who are shaping the next generation of leadership coaches." Ruth Reitmeier, PCC, Director of Coach Training, The Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University"This book is sorely needed. It brilliantly combines succinct acknowledgement of the main theories of leadership while bringing a wholly contemporary look at what this means for every kind of leadership coaching. It embraces neuroscience, history, systems thinking, psychodynamics and much more. Reading it has given me many new ideas to bring to my own practice." Jenny Rogers, author, coach, supervisor, and coach educator"This monograph provides a twenty-first century perspective on coaching principles, practices, and impacts. The research is directed at deepening coaches’ practice as well as reinforcing the importance and role of their own on-going development."Dr. Damian Goldvarg, Master Certified Coach, Accredited Supervisor, Past Global President International Coach Federation (2013-2014)

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