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A New Guide for the Growing Executive Coach

Attracting and retaining customers in the corporate world is a major challenge for executive coaches. Companies want a coach who can offer a structured process that helps their leaders obtain tangible and measurable results. But not every coach has the necessary tools to deliver.

Between them, Maria Campillo Cuesy and Elizabeth Stone Smithburg have helped more than 1,000 coaches develop the skills to succeed as coaches and as business owners. This guide is a compilation of their more than 15 years of experience as executive coaches and as coaches’ coaches. In it, they have shared models for effectively engaging with clients and 14 sessions that can help any coach-but especially those newer to the profession-create structure for the process and measure clients’ progress and results.

The sessions will help you help your executive clients build a strong foundation as leaders, as culture influencers, as team builders, as motivators, as innovators, and as strategists. The address how to

– Develop self-awareness through reflection, personal values and mission

– Assess emotional intelligence

– Give and receive effective feedback

– Build trust and positive accountability and handle difficult conversations

– Improve decision making

Providing both client facing approaches and tools and a backstage guide for the coach for delivering each session, this book offers exceptional strategies for any coach. If you’re ready to grow your talents and business, this is the toolbox you need.

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