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“Good leaders know the importance of relationships to a healthy organization. From Stuckness to Growth  will raise your awareness as a leader. Knowing how each individual’s unique personality type drives his or her behavior will improve the value of every interaction and relationship in your workplace.  Every leader should keep this book nearby and refer to it often.”
— KEN BLANCHARD Co-author of “The One Minute Manager®” and “Great Leaders Grow”

“Throughout  my  career  of  over  forty  years  I’ve  seen  all  kind  of  management fads come and go. Perhaps the common denominator of these temporary fads is that they offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions together with unrealistic promises of “total transformation” of your personality and behavior. Against the trend of canned approaches  that  keep  plaguing  the  market  suggesting  ungrounded approaches to today’s managers’ challenges, here is a methodology that goes counter-current.  Yechezkel  and Ruth Madanes’  approach  is  innovative  and  intellectually stimulating as well as professional and practical. It will challenge you not only to think but also to act out of the box.”
— ICHAK ADIZES, Ph.D., world-renowned authority in organizational transformation

“We highly admire the spirit and depth of the authors approach to coaching with the Enneagram”
— DON RISO & RUSS HUDSON, Authors of the international best-sellers “Personality Types” and “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”

This immensely practical book will teach you what no MBA program will: that leadership begins with self-leadership. Let’s imagine you have a prestigious degree from an Ivy League university. Let’s even say that you have a lot of money. But if you lack self-leadership, if you are stuck in the chatter of your own mind, your education won’t be worth the paper it’s written on because you cannot apply it. And your money will be like having a Rolls-Royce without the keys to turn it on. Total waste.

With a powerful methodology that combines the Enneagram and the Adizes PAEI systems of personality types, this book addresses the internal interferences that can block your way to success. It will help you understand what drives and shapes your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. This will allow you to “Know thyself,” thereby gaining the tools to deal effectively with your own personality limitations. You will become able to free your energy, fulfill your leadership potential, and achieve your goals and dreams.

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