Coach!: The Crucial, Deceptively Simple ...


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Coach! shows you why coaching is one of the fastest-growing professions in the business world today. Leaders and managers use coaching to develop people, solve pressing challenges, and strengthen their organizations. Coaching is an efficient, high-impact process that helps people improve results and advance their careers. People who receive coaching are more loyal to their organizations, develop stronger relationships, improve teamwork, and increase productivity. Coaching has had a profound impact on my life. The best managers in my career were generous enough to be coaches as well as managers. They used coaching as a tool to help me reach new levels of success. By sitting down with me and asking probing questions, they helped me come up with my own observations, insights, and new ways of approaching problems. They gave me the capacity and confidence to advance my career and also to lead others, but these managers didn’t just coach. They also mentored me, taught me, and, when required, directed me. I remember most the coaching conversations because they left me with lessons that are now part of who I am and have given rise to this book.

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