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In just one day you can analyze any situation and define the best way to achieve success! (Oh, and you also get a free 47$ worth training with the book! Read on to find all about it)
Day Executive Coaching is a groundbreaking system that will enable you to get the results you want – quicker than ever before.
This book is a complete and comprehensive guide that will teach you:
-How to analyze any situation or organization down to its significant elements in three hours or less.
-How to define what is the ‘ultimate success’ in this situation, and according to what values.
-How to identify the few critical-outputs that needs to be focused on in order to realize success.
-How to define the correct goal that will lead towards success, and do so in a way that will most assure achieving it.
-How to formulate the action plan for realizing the goal.
– And the most amazing thing is you achieve al this while working with your client (or on your own issues) only one business day!
This is no mere theory. You get the exact questions to ask and all the tools necessary to complete this process within one business-day. Every step is explained and demonstrated with real case studies and examples.
If you are interested in the teaching of top coaches like Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor or T Harv eker, you know that they are motivators and teach effective ways to achieve success. However, sometimes their methods leave a lot for you to figure out on your own. This book will lay in front of you the exact road map to success. Nothing is left out.
Whether you are a coach, a business owner, a professional, a senior executive or a mid-level manager, the pressure is growing on everybody to deliver more with less. It is not always clear how to do it, or even what is best to focus on.
1-Day Executive Coaching is a proven method of executive coaching that was tested in large corporations, small businesses, NGOs, government agencies and even the military. It can be used to work with one person or a team, and overcome strategic or operational challenges, as needed.
While the system is described specifically in context of executive coaching and business coaching, it is very flexible and can be used just the same for any life coaching situation as well as for career coaching.
The system you get is made of a sequence of clearly defined and integrated steps. Each step serves to advance the process as well as to verify the results of the previous step, so you are always on-track. The book comes with downloadable kit of all the tools used in the process, enabling you to get to work immediately.
The book is written in a simple, no-nonsense language. Every term is defined and examples are given. Where management tools and performance techniques are mentioned, they are described in detail. The book contains all the information and tools you need to let you sit down in the morning with only a vague problem description in mind, and step-by-step, get the clarity you need to resolve it, until before the day is done you have a clear plan of action to get what you want.
You don’t only get the book. With the book comes a kit with all the forms, questionnaires, tables etc, all in downloadable, open formats ready to be used.
When you buy this book you also get a VIP Coupon giving you free access to the “Superpower” training (usually sold for 47$). This training will further enhance your understanding of the concept in this book and will help you achieve better results with less effort than ever before.
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